The Biafran Dilemma Part 2

Guys remember sometime in May this year when we last talked about this Biafran dilemma ?

Well, here we are again back to this subject  matter but this time things seem to have escalated very quickly.

Things just got real for Nnamdi Kanu and Co. as IPOB has been officially declared a terrorist organisation and the Military has swooped in to nullify IPOB.

First things first , I always have an issue with the Military  being called in to handle a Civil unrest that the Police would have handled if Nigeria had a vibrant State police system. Just look at examples like the Odi  and Zaki Biam communities that have been left devastated when a pissed off Military force are sent to contain a situation.

There are no middle grounds for the Military especially when you piss them off. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything close to what happened in those communities like what happened in the east over the past week. But it was completely excessive , sadly I have come to expect this from the Military. I remember a time in Secondary school when I was still a Junior student  some senior students in school decided form a mini cult  and acquire a firearms (I don’t know how they were able to get hold of guns) and caused unrest in my school. The school board called the Military in. It is safe to safe it was an unforgettable day for those baby cultists.

We do need to equip the Police especially as theyare usually trained to approach civil unrest differently and not as excessively as the Military approach it. It might be just wishful thinking as I don’t see the possibility of this happening anytime soon.

I stayed too long on this point but stay with me I have one more thing to say.

I have heard a few Nigerians of Igbo descent say that the IPOB agitations are valid  and just that the style leaves a lot to be desired. But let me clue you in on something beloved. Al’ Qeada , Boko Haram , ISIS , MEND , The Niger Delta Avengers and  any other terrorist organisations have also taken the truth and warped it to drive hateful agenda. So , I’m sorry , I can not separate the two. You don’t agitate against Marginalization of the Igbo people with one mouth and from the other side of your mouth incite violence through hateful rhetoric and the put the lives of members of your organisation and innocent bystanders  in Danger.

However , beyond using a sledge hammer to crush ants.  The Federal Government needs to find a way to create an all inclusive plan to the heal all the sections of the country still harboring wounds. In an ideal situation even Nnamdi Kanu needs to be involved in the process .Even though the man grates my nerves.

Because if IPOB is eliminated and the problems remain? Another Hybrid and stronger organisation will spring up and we will be back to square one.

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