A Dramatic Life

We all know life is so fickle you see and sadly half the time, the drama we experience has no music to accompany it. Take for example, someone is seated at home, having a laugh with a couple of friends when he receives a call that makes him weak to his knees. His mum has just had an accident and passed away on the way to the hospital. He cries uncontrollably and is inconsolable. People come visiting, sharing condolences, etc. You know the drill. Its dramatic yea but missing the extra flair. Now let’s tune it up a bit. Now imagine this same scenario but when he gets a call, you start to hear a melancholic song/soundtrack as the tears start to trickle down his face; P.S. anyone in the vicinity at that period can hear the tune as well. His friends can hear the tune and know some sad news is coming their way. They show him sad, his friends sharing in the sadness. Can you see the difference?

Scenario 2; two people have the hots for each other and are about to get freaky in the sheets. The sensual music starts to play in the background as he takes her shirt off after kissing her deeply. Tables turn and she decides to take charge when they’re both naked. She begins to ride him and moans to his delight while he caresses her helplessly. She leans in and plants a kiss and then the animal in him takes over as he turns her over and starts stroking deeper and harder. She clenches the sheets and caresses his back intermittently. I think I’m starting to digress but you get the point.

The addition of the music adds that oomf to the whole thing. Do bear in mind that this only happens when there is drama not like every point in life because that’ll just be very annoying. If only we could have that, life will be more interesting. This brainwave was brought to the fore after watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle. That scene Merlin begins to sing a song and the bag pipes, trumpets, drums etc start to play around just made it all the more dramatic and the emotions just came swelling. If you haven’t seen this though, please get off your fucking ass, head to the nearest cinema and watch this action-packed sequel. Have a listen below though #RIPMerlin.



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