Underwear Etiquette For Dummies

There is a question I secretly ask myself when i’m in the same room with someone that has questionable odor who I also suspect has questionable hygiene.

“How many times does he/she wear their underwear before washing?”. 

This is an important question beloved . Usually anything below one wear and wash is usually nasty to me.

I decided to write this post after I was done watching all those “one corner challenge” videos from Ghana. I tweeted this right after….



See guys, In secondary school as a young teen my underwear hygiene was wishy-washy to be honest. But when I hit my twenties I “put away childish things” as any grown man or woman shouldBut Its amazing how a lot of us have refused to stop being childish.


Men are especially culprits for this in all honesty. You see guys wearing underwear for 2 – 5 days  or even one week at a stretch! Incredible! The people that wear boxer shorts are especially guilty of this.

Women y’all are not left out but its skewed more towards bra usage. The bra usage/wash ration for some women are usually staggering. At this point I think we need to have a moment of silence for all those black bras around the world.

The wear/wash ratio for black bras is STAGGERING! My word!

So I’m going to do a list. I call it “Underwear Etiquette for dummies“.


  • Invest in briefs guys , boxers were so 90’s. Briefs push you to pay better attention to your hygiene because it’s made of mostly absorbent cotton, so all the sweat and smells will be easily absorbed. This will push you to wear and wash. Boxer shorts are just deceptive.
  • Buy and dispose briefs like you buy and dispose deodorant roll-ons. If you can’t afford to at least amass an under wear rooster of at least 8 pairs. One for every day of the week and one that’s for reserve in case of emergency  eating spicy vegetable soup or incessant rainfall.
  • If you sleep with a new set of underwear you have to change it before you go to work or go out.


  • With Bras I can concede on one or two things. If you notice you sweat so much in the day make sure you wash that bra right after. If you didn’t sweat much then It’s acceptable to wear twice but it cant be simultaneous wears.
  • Like I advised the men , purchase your underwear like you purchase deodorant.The picture below should be an approximate amount of bras and panties you should have on regular rotation.


  • Black bra/panties doesn’t give you license to wear till infinity ladies. Fear God.


Let me leave with this. No matter how beautiful or buff you look as a woman or man. If you underwear business is dodgy then you will lose ALL marks. As charity begins at home you have to be charitable with your underwear washing. Wash Frequently and use sparingly.

A word (500 in the case of this post)  is enough for the wise.


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