Most Men Don’t Deserve Good Women

So I was having a conversation with someone ( lets call him Jack) so Jack told me how he thinks he could do better than his girlfriend (lets call her Jill)  of three years. You know that grass is always greener on the other side syndrome? Yes exactly!

Let me describe Jill for a moment by listing a few things she does for Jack.

  • Jill threw his birthday party this year
  • Jill was practically doing everything at his Sisters birthday celebration
  • Jill goes to his place to cook , clean and do laundry.
  • Jill is always suggesting things he could do to better himself . So it might be a business opportunity, a certification or a new job opportunity
  • Jill loves his family without reserve.
  • Jill is loyal and faithful (Insert DJ Khaled voice)

Let me stop here guys. These are just the things I know as an outsider. I bet Jill is probably giving him regular sex too! Acrobatics and all that.  So lets just say she is being the quintessential “Wife” before she becomes the Wife.

So y’all are wondering why is he looking for something else ? why does he think he can do better? Why does he think he is “settling” (his words) if he sticks with her? Beloved Its Ojukokoro plain and simple

I have a theory ladies and i’m pretty sure It’s important for you to read this carefully.

Never give a man the benefits of a Wife before he put’s a ring on your finger. What is going to be left for him to fight for? Men are driven by desire and I’m not saying women don’t have commensurate levels of desire but men are driven by it. What ever standards you set for your relationship if he is the real deal he will live up to them. Trust me. 

It’s only a man that has overcome the need to continually chase something  else out there that will see a good woman and not continually look for the proverbial green grass and that’s a small number of men we are talking about.

That’s why women who continually give the man something to chase are King. So sadly, Jack will always look for something out there even though he has good old Jill.

This is my theory guys.

However as they say ..It’s your Bed , you can lay on it as you wish.





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