What If Eve is Adam’s Punishment

I think I will start this with the argument and banter that the “What Are You Bringing to The Table?” topic brought about on Twitter. It started when the Greyroom channel; our attempt at recreating Backchat in our style, on YouTube asked a question in relation to whether society was fair towards men. Two of the “panelists” said it was and went on talking about how men don’t really do anything while the females go to work and still come home to deal with household duties and all the extras. The discussion then moved on to who the head of the family is, etc. As far as I was concerned, it was twitter in video. You have Two idiots, another two or three neutral parties who just believe you should do what works for you and let’s not forget the smart ones who think and process things before they speak. Full cast innit?

Fast Forward to yesterday, I was scrolling through my snapchat feed and I saw a snap about how Adam was Eve’s punishment because she was trying to be smart and then got punished by a male entity (God) and then was stuck with the man (Adam). I couldn’t help but laugh because the reverse was actually the case.

The hilarious Russel Peters once cracked a joke about how his dad beat him sometimes for no apparent reason and said it was just in case he misbehaved in the future and he was unable to deal with him. Now, let’s go back to Eden. The beautiful garden we would still be in, running around in our beautiful birthday suits if a certain someone wasn’t gullible.

It is said that God can see the future, so in order to punish man for his inability to successfully convince the bone of his bone, created a being that is so complicated that even she doesn’t know what she wants. A being usually caught up in trying to be on the same level with a counterpart. She was a woman named Eve. He trusted this woman because of love and ended up being banished because a bad guy came and sweet talked her into trying the forbidden. The things we do for love. Quite ironic that the woman they believed was trying to be smart was actually trying to be who she’s not and was fed lies which she chose over truth. Adam’s punishment is the love he had for her. Doesn’t make any form of sense does it? No? EXACTLY!!!

This long senseless article was aimed at the silliness portrayed by numerous singles today who believe marriage has a particular pattern that must be followed; like the books have said or those twitter feminists rant about. Nope! But it’s about understanding and compromise. Before you venture into a forever after, you must first understand that and if this doesn’t work for you, that’s okay too. It’s not for everyone. This marriage thing is the biggest punishment after all.


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