The Theory Of Body Count Management

Ladies and gentlemen gather round we have important things to discuss.

Anybody heard about body count management?  Anybody ? I’m sure most guys will be clueless about this ( as always) and I know some of you women have discussed this and implemented this consciously or unconsciously.

Okay chill out , let me give you a definition.

Body count management  is the intricate process of keeping a small number of men on a regular sexual rotation . This is usually done to reduce the number of sexual partners to a small and concise number

There you go.

First of all I want to blame men for this. Y’all kiss and tell too damn much!  This is the same reason why sex toys are in high demand (All the pleasure and none of the hassle and gossip) I never understand why a grown man will have consensual sex with a woman and go to the high heavens to brag about it. Why on earth??

This is patriarchal society in play again.

Woman sleeps with ten guys and she is a hoe , while a man sleeps with the same number and he is a stud.


Back to the women though. I must applaud y’all for coming up with this. I mean this is elite thinking from y’all. Trust women to always be evolved and a step ahead of both genders.

So I hear single women get three or two guys they are comfortable with and stick to them when they want to have sex. Its like a sex rooster. So guys ,  when you feel she is coming back to you because your laying amazing pipe. I have sad news for you , your sex is not that great. She is managing her body count.  It’s an amazing concept to be honest.  Certainly a better option than racking up a huge count of bodies and reducing your bride price in the process .

I also feel we should just stop asking the body count question when dating. Because people will just lie anyways. If you want to date her then date her or just keep it moving.

We will revisit this topic on another day but let me face Monday.




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