Choose Happiness

It’s been weeks since I’ve written a regular post! I’m sorry if you’ve noticed and missed me! If not…well i’ll wipe away my one gangster tear in the dark! LOL

Anyway, I guess I’ve been going through a ‘dry uninspired spell’ but i’m slowly trying to get myself out of it and hopefully stay out of it for a while! I guess it’s really because i’ve just been trying to figure out life!

The year is quarter to finished and don’t beat yourself down if you’ve not reached where you thought you would have by this time! It’s fine just keep pushing and in due time you’ll get there.

Most importantly though, and this advice can apply to different areas and stages in life; it could be school related or relationships or your body/weight or maybe even work, whatever it might be…make sure you’re doing what you want to be doing or at least working your way towards that!

It’s not worth it if you are not finding happiness/peace doing it! And don’t forget that difficulty and challenges will come even if it’s your happy place! But at least the difficulties that you’ll face will be worth it.

I guess i’m just here to remind you to make the most of your life right now! Don’t live it to the future to do what you really want to do now!



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