TStv Launch

Finally the dust of the TSTV launch has settled and everyone has calmed down. I think this is a good time as any to talk about Satellite TV isn’t it?

I’m a YOUTUBE guy personally , I get all the content I need online. So I can say TSTV’s entry into the market will not change my content viewing patterns much. I am intrigued however and I am getting my TSTV dish come October 1st, even if it is to stick it to DSTV.

But like any soup opera , When businesses are in competition and they try to make an effort to outsmart each other it makes for great viewing.

First of all, I think DSTV has enjoyed a monopoly unrivaled anywhere in the world. So any competition in any shape or form already has me hot and bothered.

But DSTV who has been running for 22 years with up to 8 Million subscribers will certainly be no push over. Ask Startimes and HITV they will tell you what’s up. All DSTV had to do to rival Startimes was to create GOTV which was basically a flanker to rival their low prices.

Well , as for HiTV we know how they imploded.

But beyond the array of channels that TSTV is proposing on it’s various bouquets, I think the Pay As You Use option is a game changer to be honest. Reminds me of how Globacom upset the apple cart with the Pay As You Go plan when MTN said it couldn’t be done. It’s ironic that MTN and DSTV are sister companies.

So yet again another indigenous company to the rescue. We hope they can muster the consistency needed to challenge and they should please learn from the HiTV experience.

As always the next few years will determine.

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