Is Modesty Overrated?

Have you seen these tweets by Gabrielle Union, who is one of my favs, by the way!

When I saw those tweets I was speechless…it’s not the first time i’ve seen her talk about being raped but something about those tweets just stuck with me!

There are so many things that can be discussed from these tweets but I want to focus on the modesty today, so that this post is not all over the place.

Obviously in today’s world and fashion it seems as though less in more! You can’t deny that women are dressing a lot less modestly and it’s slowly becoming the norm…

Let me just say that modesty varies from place to place. So to be politically correct i’ll say the West and places that are heavily influenced by the West’s culture have experienced a less modest approach to fashion.

I don’t know if the new fashion is a sign of confidence, freedom, feminism or end times 😂 or if it’s just women using fashion as a form of expression and nothing more. However I do know that it is having an impact on society.

As a people, do we still judge the book by it’s cover or have we as a society evolved to where how one dresses doesn’t determine how they should be addressed?

What is really modest dressing in today’s society and what does it really benefit a woman to dress modestly in relation to rape or being violated sexually?

Why do we keep asking women to dress a certain way not to attract men? When the real conversation needs to be directed at men to behave themselves and stop acting like animals!?

Is modesty over rated? On a day to day basis, I don’t think so… but when it comes to rape it doesn’t even matter at all…

What are your thoughts?

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