Prostitutes/Oloshos/Runs Girls (A Case Study In Marketing)

It’s funny how this video just helped me buttress this post I’ve been preparing for y’all.

See ehn sometimes I wish I could walk around with a recorder because the conversations I have sometimes (Lol). So just take this journey with me as I give you this thesis I have been working on in 400 words or less.

I was talking to a colleague the other day and I had an epiphany.What is the difference between Oloshos , Prostitutes and Run girls.

Just marketing beloved ,  just good old marketing? Let me break this down with some definitions.


This group get the lowest fees for their services and are the least mobile. But they have they highest turn over among the other two . You come to them they don’t come to you. Where are they located? In your neighborhood brothel.

Service fee – Ranges from anything 2,000 – 10,000 depending on the area and the customer.


These group of women offer their services in a more subtle way. They are always found in a club , lounge etc etc. They could be the strippers in the clubs or even university school students.  The gag is that they even buy their own drinks in a bid to blend in with the partying crowd. How do you notice them? they might be in groups of two or threes and are always the most visible and seductive dancers in the club. Don’t be fooled beloved , the moment you walk up to them and strike up a conversation to take them home. Your going to be asked to pay a fee.

Service fee : 10,000 – 60,000. This literally depends of what area your operating from.

Runs Girls:

These set of people are more targeted and take the highest fee and the funny thing is that it’s a large pool of people in this category .your wife/girlfriend or your sister or even you reading this post. It could be anybody from any work of life. The clientele for this set of people are high value and usually dole out large amounts. They are the MVPs of the three classifications to be honest.

Service fee: 100,000 and above.

So you see guys the services are the same but the packaging is different. I hope I have succeeded in educating y’all. All in all sex is a booming business in Nigeria and sex will always sell with men (single and married) being the biggest patrons. It is not going to change anytime soon. Even though I never understood the concept of prostitutes , Oloshos and runs girls. The prospect of Inserting myself into a strange woman scares me.

Anyways , to each his own.

Whatever path you choose guys , Don’t get lost in the sauce!





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