Nigerian Government Should Leave AJ Alone

Anthony “Femi” Joshua fought and won over the weekend.

The British-Nigerian /Nigerian-British slugger (depending on what part of the world you’re  from)  is now 20-0 fights in the heavy weight category at just 28. Damn impressive If you ask me. It had to get to the tenth round but Carlos Takam was stopped regardless.

But we are not here to talk about Anthony Joshua’s greatness.  Not at all.

What I really want to talk about and what irks me, was that our clueless Sports Minister led a delegation to watch the fight in Cardiff over the weekend. I’m not against Nigerians spending taxpayers money to watch a fight. Lets be frank, they will still spend our money whatever way they wish. No accountability at all. That’s talk for another day.

What worries me is that we are going to put the Nigerian curse on that poor boy and kill his destiny. This is not paranoia trust me. Remember Samuel Peter? “The Nigerian Nightmare”? The man was on the rise after he won the WBO  heavy weight belt, then he came to Nigeria and there was so much fun fare!  I’m talking about dancers at the airport, presidential honors and handshakes, streets named after him etc. etc.

Then he fought Kilitchsko and his career was over. He was beaten to a pulp. Of course nobody in the government spoke to him after that.

It’s the Nigerian curse trust me.

So this is a public service announcement to Anthony Joshua and to all sports people of Nigerian descent, plying their trade in any country. If you manage to make it, please stay away from Nigeria till your career is over. After you call time on your career, you can come back.

Solomon Dalung should focus on the Nigerian Boxing Association and all the teeming  boxing talent who can only afford bread and beans or fufu as their major source of nutrition.

Focus on them and not Anthony Joshua, the man will be fine.

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