Much Ado About Ebuka’s Agbada

So Nigeria’s favorite couple Banky W and Adesua had their wedding party over the weekend and it was just fun to see all the “Awwwwww’s” and love emojis in the comments section anywhere their picture was posted on social media. It was great to see the outpouring of love . But , we are not here to discuss the couple interestingly.

I’m just here to give y’all a public service announcement guys. I know anybody who has a major event happening this end of year obviously plans to visit the tailor very soon.

I’m sure perhaps you saw Ebuka’s glorious Agbada and saved that picture just to show your tailor with the words “Shebi you see that Agbada wey Ebuka wear make sure make you sew am like that exactly“.



I will just recite these famous words to you “O ti gba penalty lo throwing“.

You know it takes a lot for the desired results and the actual results to look the same right?  I’m not being a hater just hear me out. I feel there is just a lot that goes into duplicating a particular design and a lot of us fail to take the same steps. I made a list of these important steps. A small list.

Please read carefully.

  • The fabric texture of the original and the duplicate must be the same. You can’t expect to use inferior fabric and achieve the same result.
  • The level of expertise of both tailors must be at par . This is very important beloved.
  • Pay the tailor well , if you’re willing to get the the same level of impeccable work , you gotta motivate your tailor well. Stop haggling with your tailor like you want to buy crayfish.
  • If you want to bypass all this hassle and heart ache just get the name of the tailor and patronize the guy. Some creators just have unique styles which are very hard to duplicate.

But guys , I know no one is going to listen to me right? Right. Let me just go back to scrolling through all these amazing wedding pictures.

Enjoy your day guys.




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