Men , Please Use More Lotion ! 

I used to be the guy that had the worst skin routine.

The best I would do was to use Vaseline on my hair and lips . In harmattan season I would extend it further to my feet.

I’m bald now ( maybe the Vaseline caused that ) and I have hard hands . My lips still remain as soft as ever ( don’t ask me how I know this ) but that was the only physical feature that was saved.

A lot of men feel that having a good skin care routine makes you a more of a Drake and less of a 50 Cent ( my analogies are the worst) Don’t ask me how I came about this assertion but we know this is true . But guys I kid you not immediately I started treating my self better the more I glowed.

I went from using only Vaseline to using :

  • Better soap
  • I started using bath salts to scrub my face before I went in the shower for a bath
  • Cleanser for my skin right before I went under the sheets
  • Shower gel with Goat milk
  • Manicure and Pedicure

Listen beloved , I’m glowing!

Glowing like a light bulb . I get compliments left right and centre !

It’s amazing!

Men if you’re still doubting me let me lay down a list of benefits of moisturizing for y’all :

  • It prevents cancer
  • It wards off premature skin aging
  •  It also prevents wrinkling according to dermatologists.

They had me at cancer .

Go and buy some lotion guys , lotion loves your skin and your skin loves right back.

Treat yourself better.


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