Let’s Rant About It 

Writing is therapy for me it has always been for the longest time . Lately it feels like I have been bottling a lot , felt a bit tight in the gut. So guess what I decided to do?

Exactly! Rant away! So many things to rant about just be patient.

As always I made a list. Here goes.

1. The Nigerian Sun:

It’s bad enough that Nigeria is as hard as it is but has anybody seen how hard the sun has been hitting lately? I walked about a 100metres under the sun yesterday and it felt like I was crossing the Sahara desert with no oasis in sight. I almost fainted guys. Temperatures as high as 37 degrees. Man’s has been so hot and I can’t wait for harmattan.


So guys, my transformer went kaput about 2 months ago. Yes 2 Months! So guess what the power authorities said?. We have to wait on a 10 month  queue for a new transformer. So with no help in sight the good people of my residential estate decided to take matters into their hands and purchase a new one. We have all been mandated to pay for it. Here’s the kicker though,  The “Power” authorities promptly told us the new transformer will become their property immediately it’s connected to the power grid. How nice (sarcasm). This is so wrong on all levels but this is Nigeria. Nonsense is the order of the day.  Thank God for my inverter/batteries and my generator. But guess what is taking a beating?

3. My Bank Account :

There’s never enough Naira in there. That’s all.  The end.

4. Lagos Drivers:

Do you know how many crazy motorists I see on these Lagos roads on a daily. Lagos drivers keep testing my resolve every damn time. Last week some driver ran into me from behind (Pause). Dude practically slept off on the wheels. Thankfully my car went unscathed. He was not as lucky as I was. I feel for him. Meanwhile I need a new car. Just sending it into the universe.

5. Atiku Abubakar:

The man is a wanted felon in the United States but that hasn’t stopped anybody. He is vying for the presidential  candidacy in 2019. Same ol’ actors in this movie called Nigeria and we keep buying the movie tickets.

So many things to talk about that I can’t list in one post beloved. Lest I forget there are some honorable mentions.

The Nigeria Police (for being a continuous nuisance to motorists) , Nigerian Gossip blogs (The God of Banky and Adesua will Judge you people)  ,Bobrisky (for just existing Lol) and Speed Darlington (for being the annoying fella he is).

*Takes deep breath*

I think I already feel better.

Back to work , back to  reality.


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