And So It Begins

Hello! Hi! Wagwan! Greetings! My people, 2017 issalova. In the blink of an eye. But one thing I’m not certain of is if the year was fast or not. 2018 sure is moving fast though, seeing as a couple of weeks have passed already since the year began. So without further ado, delay or hindrance, allow me to say…Happy New Year!!!

I have made a mental note to expressly iterate the best Christmas break I have had in years. It’s not gonna happen in this article though. After ending the year on a stressful note, not having the time to write and all that shii, I figured it will not hurt to start the year with a fresh write-up for those who missed me. For those who didn’t, well, I love you anyways.

Now the bells have rung, the cheers shared, parties turnt and memories made…its time to move forward. Progress is the primary goal of 2018, at least for me. But I’ll love to believe everyone wants that as well. This goes beyond the #NewYearNewMe bullshit that never lasts more than a week. This is in the realm of setting goals, sighting/citing aspirations, chasing dreams, being happy and loving what you do. Some king shii right there yo.

Take risks in order to earn rewards. If you fail, do it again and again and again and again until you get it right. Cherish those that stood with you during that troublesome 2017. The friends that turned to family. Appreciate the ones that left along the way. Remember the ones that left this plane so they truly don’t die. Try new things everyday. Whether sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally or whatever…just try something new. This is definitely the year that changes us. The year that takes us to the next level. You can either get on board or be left behind.

So I boldly declare, 2018, we are ready for you!!! Happy New Year all. This year will be better than the last.


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