A Rush Of Blood To Her Head

So when I heard this story it struck me that we rarely hear the voice of the bereaved Husband but the stories of bereaved Wives have been well documented. It’s heartbreaking how he has to go through the loss of the woman he loved with added antagonism from her family.  Please read Chibuikes story (real name withheld ).

I’m sitting here trying to sift through clothing in the bedroom my wife and I shared for two years now. I really don’t want to take anything from this house but necessity demands I do. You see my wife has been dead for over a month now but i can still smell her in the house.

I still stretch my hands unconsciously to reach out for my wife. Some days in my head I can still hear her laughter in the apartment . I’m here thinking why we had the meaningless quarrels we had. I wish I could take all that back.

I hold back tears from my eyes as I pick up her favorite T-shirt from the wardrobe. I  really cant stand this apartment now. This place  which was once a place full of love is full of so much pain.

My family ( whats left of it) has gotten the short end of the stick this past year. We have gone from hospital to hospital , done test after test and still she is dead. How will I cater for our 1 year old daughter? Where do I go from here? What do I do?

My Wife died of an inoperable brain tumor even after we did everything humanly possible to make sure she lived. We did not deserve this, all we had been trying to do was be a happy family. Life has way of dealing you with very hard blows and this is the hardest of them all.

Buts that’s not even the full story. My wife’s dead body wasn’t even cold yet and her mother and her siblings tried to take my daughter away from me! I had to call for help from my neighbors who called the police  before they were sent away from my apartment. How dare they?! Where were her family when my Wife and I were going from hospital to hospital? Nowhere!

You see sometimes I wonder how my Wife came from that family. They haven’t mourned their daughter and while she was alive and when we were going through all that pain we got no emotional support from them. Lets not start to even talk about financial support. I rather die than let them take my daughter. In a twisted way i’m sure they blame me for my wife’s death. but that’s fine , I blame myself too.

I have to find a way to survive each day. I really have to find a way. I feel so hollow and that’s how i have felt everyday since she died. I have to find a way to fill my hollow soul with happiness. Not for me but for my daughters sake.

Here comes tomorrow.



This is a true story but the names have changed to protect the identity of the persons involved.

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2 thoughts on “A Rush Of Blood To Her Head

  1. I wanted to like this post but it’s not the best expression of what I’m feeling right now. It’s heartwrenching to lose someone you loved and built a life with. I can only pray that God and time helps Chibuike live with this loss and move on, especially for his daughter, because the truth is, you never really get over the death of a loved one.

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  2. Yeah, liking the post isn’t the best expression! Loss of a spouse is very disheartening. May God heal the man behind this true story and may God rest the soul of the departed!

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