It’s a Friday evening. The winds are cool (thanks to the harmattan) and the night is dark but not full of terrors. I’ve been home all day and decide to check my Twitter feed, seeing as there’s always one drama or the other. So there I was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Just as I was about to give up hope, I saw a tweet that piqued my interest.

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Apparently, the marriage was only six months old, but in my honest opinion, the reply to the original tweet was bereft of though as the person did not get his facts straight before speaking. There are too many factors that compel a man to cheat in this society that we live in and sex drive seems to be the least one of them.

Reason 1: let’s begin with the fact that the Nigerian society unapologetically promotes hypocrisy, patriarchy and sexual redundancy. Despite our attempt to act liberal, it is expected that the woman in this 21st century “modern” Nigeria should not enjoy sex.

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Just yesterday or the day before, I saw a thread of replies dished out to one of the many hypocrites after he attempted to humiliate a “Twitter slay queen” as he called her, for moaning loudly during sex.

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Though our generation has begun to change this concept with the advent of feminism and individuality, the progress of this change is painfully slow.

Reason 2: the concept of VARIETY. Yes sex drives are important to promote a healthy sex life but I say this while beating my chest, even if you marry a woman who will like to fcuk every hour of the day, in every corner of the earth, just the way you do, most men are still physical creatures with an innate desire to taste something different. Just as it is impossible to eat apples everyday without getting tired, it’s the same way most men find it difficult to stick with one pretty vagina till death do them part.

Reason 3: the lack of APPEAL. In most new marriages that I have seen, I have observed that it is in the nature of most women to become “home-dressed” once they are married. For example, before this man put a ring on it, you wore his shirt with that sexy lacy thong when you slept over or wore a sexy pair of lingerie to tease him as a surprise.

Now the moment the vows have been shared and the “I dos” said, your sense of adventure and appeal goes out the window. You begin to wear those hair nets with oversized slippers and pyjamas (or a wrapper or something just not appealing). Let’s not forget to add the fact that you’re tired from work when he even decides to look past this. At a point, his resistance will be weak to that girl that’s been trying to get with him from the onset and thoughts of low sex drives begin to creep in.

According to science, contrary to popular belief, women at the ages of 24 and above have higher sex drives than guys because that is when they are fully certain of what they want, how they want it and have the urge to explore. Guys on the other hand start to decline as their sex drives matured earlier.

All in all, I believe people need to get their facts before tweeting things that make them seem like attention whores seeking quick popularity with their fake depth. Facts are life people. Use them.

King out.

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