Make It Count

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, coming up in less than a week, I’m here to give you some tips to make the day better for you and your loved ones. For us last minute planners and professional procrastinators! Hope this article meets you well.

First of all, let me say that love doesn’t need a day to be celebrated and may all your days be filled with unmeasurable amounts love!

Oh! happy new year by the way! I know it’s been a while since y’all saw me on here.

Now let’s get to the tips.

  • Create an experience: Do something together, do you guys have ‘a thing’? Do that thing on a higher level. Do you have a favourite restaurant or meal? Make it a homemade meal, switch up the lighting and set up, play dress up, roleplay… you get me?b0fe459766a479a30767ac528f139bf5--valentines-day-dinner-kids-valentines
  • Stay indoors: everyone would be out; the roads are jam packed (Lagos roads are 10 times worse on Valentine’s day). If you must go out, beat rush hour traffic, so you’re not taking out your frustration on your loved ones. Stay away from restaurants as well! That’s the easiest idea for that day. You can also stay in a hotel for that day/night so it’s a bit more special, order room service, get SPA treatments… Just enjoy each other’s company in a chilled environment
  • Come through with the Goodies: cupcakes, candy, chocolate, cakes and everything in between! You know what your partner loves but again, step it up! Get the cupcakes but with your own unique special touch, have it come with a personalized card, put notes on each cupcake, have the box made differently etc. There are many things you can do. I mean take notes for this guy herecake.jpg
  • Buy or make a gift: see, I suck at giving gift ideas, my mind only thinks to relatively expensive options. So I’m not that useful here, but I want to give advice, Ladies please don’t buy underwear (well, unless it like a really dope brand that you know he likes), don’t be cheap and don’t just expect to get stuff from your man, please step up and match up! Men want to feel loved too.
  • No Proposals: this is not the day to drop down on one knee, plan an elaborate speech and pop that question!!! If you had that planned, please have a re think. It’s too predictable and cheesy.. the love of your life deserves more, okay? LOL
  • Have a blast: just enjoy your day, don’t over think things, don’t borrow money to make it special, please do things within your financial capacity. it’s really the thought that counts here. Just spend quality with each other, celebrating the one you love!

What do you have planned? Share some other tips in the comment section!

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