Eminem’s Revival: The Album Review

Happy New Year people!!! I know it’s coming late but I’m just excited that the year January has come to an end. Lowkey, we’re in 2019 but we just don’t know it yet. Shhhhhh it’s our little secret. We don’t wanna cause a global panic now, do we? And to those that think I was exaggerating about January being a full year, get your Happy New Year somewhere else. Now that we’ve got all greetings and introductions out the way, let’s proceed to discuss the god of rap’s latest album: Revival!

Let me first admit that I have immense love for the “white boy”. I’m not big on rap but he’s one of the few artists that make me anticipate a track or album release. His depth, storytelling ability, lack of regard for anyone, his metaphors, genius…just everything. He’s just a badass! So badass in fact that he does not follow anyone on twitter.IMG_2646

I don’t think I can claim to be a true fan cause I didn’t know him from his first track or whatever but I always throwback to when I heard Real Slim Shady, then my all time faves Like Toy Soldiers and Stan to One Shot to Cleaning Out my Closet to Drop the world. The list just goes on and on. Funny thing is I heard One shot before I heard Real Slim Shady.

Anyways, the king of  rap dropped his ninth studio album on the 15th of  December, 2017. Now most people come out to say the album is not up to par or that it’s whack or just not like Em. NONSENSE! Let me say that louder…UTTER NONSENSE.


 The 19 track album packed a heavy punch. He went on to talk about his mistakes and how he is trying to make amends. The he broke down what it’s like to be criticised when you’re pouring your heart into what it is you love. As usual he had to diss someone and this time it the popular President Trump. It’s a journey that recounts the the past, narrates the present and projects the future and that’s what RAP is all about, Rhythm and Poetry. In fact, the track River, where he featured Ed Sheeran (the angel voiced ginger head gentleman), was number 1 on billboard shortly after the album’s release.IMG_2649

I will admit that Recovery went in harder than Revival, but Marshall Mathers didn’t take it easy on his journey to Revival. This was a different Eminem. A cleaner Eminem. Perhaps that’s the problem most people had. We’re used to the depressed, drug abusing, foul mouthed Em. Don’t worry, I miss him too so I won’t judge you wink wink. But I’m also happy he’s been able to rid himself of the habit.

To be honest, he has earned himself a spot in best rappers of all time. Probably sitting after BIG Poppa (Notorious B.I.G) and the man of the people, 2Pac Shakur. One seat above Jay Z. This is beyond contestation because even The Game had to admit that if he had a beef with Eminem, he would RUN. “The white boy shreds MCs. Even Jay knows that.” So don’t disrespect the god by comparing him with Kendrick or Lil Wayne. They don’t come close. Still love ‘em though

Back to Revival, check out my 5 best tracks from the album:

  1. River (feat. Ed Sheeran)
  2. Bad Husband (feat. X-Ambassadors)
  3. Like Home (feat. Alicia Keys)
  4. Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani)
  5. Framed

All tracks on the album are fire and worth repeats but these 5 take the cake for me. Sadly, Eminem said this is his last album. So I just just gotta tell the bad-ass thanks…for just being great and blessing the world with his genius.

What are your favourites from Eminem’s Revival? In fact, what are your favourite Eminem tunes. Share them in the comments.

On a side note:
Y’all need to give Lil Dicky a listen. He’s a fire rapper. Check out his video below


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