Word Crush Wednesday: Real Love

Hey Everyone!!!

I know it’s been a while since we had a Words Crush Wednesday post! As you may have noticed, the blog has been going through some changes. We decided to make WCW a monthly thing, no longer weekly!

So in honour of the lovvvee month a.k.a February, this poem is about love (as most poems are 😂) 

The poet featured this month is Elizabeth Acevedo, this is actually the only poem I’ve heard from her and it’s a new find for me!

I think it’s such a beautiful poem and the message is something I strongly believe in. In today’s world, where cheating is so rampant and dishonesty has become commonplace in relationships, people have become jaded.

A lot of us go into relationships hold back on how we love our significant other because we fear things will end or that they aren’t being faithful or unworthy…something is there to sha always hold us back from giving love 100%.

I know people who are too scared to share pictures and videos of their partners on social media due to fear of having to delete posts if/when they break up, or worse still, someone sliding into their DMs to tell them that their partner is cheating with proof.

We see love as shackles instead of freedom a lot of times and my take out of this poem is to love fully with no regrets!

I say this to whomever will listen, love blindly a thousand percent till you’re given a real reason not to! Don’t go into love holding yourself back! 

What do you think of the poem?

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