Choices: Two Sisters

Hello people! I feel like I actually haven’t said hi to you all in a while. How rude of me. As you might very well know, I am an advocate and unpaid marketer for Marvel’s Black Panther movie…so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this article right now and head to the cinema right now.

Hey! Did you hear what I said? Are you even listening? sigh you’re quite the stubborn one.

Anyways, I heard an interesting tale recently. It’s a dilemma my brother’s friend is in but I will use myself as the protagonist. Share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section. Let the story begin.

So there’s this beautiful girl who came to intern at my bank branch. Young, perfectly blessed with a sexy waist which are complimented by the soft looking breasts and ass. I had to have a taste of that but I wasn’t sure how I was gonna go about it. For starters, the first problem is that she is my friend’s cousin and I was first second-guessing starting anything serious with her. But seeing her sexy, confident and brilliant self had me lost for words, so I decided to fire down; I mean…mans got nothing to lose!

I decide to take out my target…mercilessly. I collect her number and social media IDs. rubs palms let’s do this! At first, all I wanted to do was smash and pass but as time went on and conversation flowed, I began to fall for her. She was not the type to smash and dump. Our conversations were pleasurably stimulating and endless. It was like we never ran out of things to talk about. After a few months, I decide I am certain she is the one I want, so I ask her to date me and she agrees.

Fast forward a year later, things had become rocky between us since she traveled to South Africa. During the year of our relationship, I had met her younger sister. We had become friends and had shared numbers and social media IDs as well. We talked about different things and I assisted her in different things.

Halfway into the second year, my girlfriend and I decided we were no longer feeling ourselves. Conversations were obligatory and not as interesting. Response times were slow and just seemed like a drag so we called it off. Conversation with her sister, on the other hand, was going just great. Before I knew it, sister was shooting shots because her sister had told her we broke up. She became much nicer, more attentive and helpful. Before I knew it I was liking her. One day, we decided to see a movie and I honestly did not intend for it to happen but she choked on my John in the cinema hall. Her head game was better than her sister’s and she had taken my finger and slid it in her pants so I can make her feel good.

Things are progressing with the younger sister but I am trying to avoid starting anything even though I like her because I dated her sister. But I’m deceiving myself and before I know it, I’m asking to see her again so I can ask her out.

As if the people in my village knew what I was planning, the older sister, who is now my ex, messages me and asks me if we can get back together. This is where I am confused. What do I do? Do I go ahead and date the sister? Do I go back to the older sister? Or should I just leave them both and find a new target?

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