Real Life Nightmare

This is probably the saddest poem I have shared on this series! I don’t know if she spoke from her own realities or speaking from experiences from other women. Whatever the case, she captured this tragically beautifully (if that makes any sense at all).

‘What if men who claim to have the best pullout game are actually shooting blanks’ I’ve joked. Or what if women who have been taking contraceptives for many years decide to try for a baby once they get married only to find out they have fertility issues.

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Words Are Powerful

Hey Guys! Hope you’ve been enjoying this series as much as I have been! Here’s another one from Carvens Lissaint! I think this was the first poem of his that actually made me really like his work!

This is about him loving himself after so many years of hating himself due to people’s words and actions against him just because of his skin color!
It’s really powerful and emotional… vulnerability isn’t weakness, don’t be fooled!

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