Blood On The Leaves

You know something , If you have stayed in Lagos for most of your life like me It really  makes you far removed from a lot of things happening in other parts of the country.

We live in a time where we see how Boko haram and the infamous gun toting herdsmen have run riot in Northern Nigeria. But can we really relate? I don’t think I really could until this happened to someone I know.

In terms of overcoming  real life nightmares , Ikenna’s story has to be top of the pile. I really relate with it because I knew him  before the attack.We were students of the same school,  so I knew how he looked , I knew his character. I liked the way Ikenna always had a reassuring smile to give.

Hearing this story shook me to my core.   I mean a man had faced the barrel of  the Boko Haram gun and lived to tell the tale!

I  really have been at a loss as to where to start from to tell this important story but I guess it’s best to start from the beginning.


This story is being told from Ikenna’s eyes and point of view.  All words in quotes are his. It is told from the time Ikenna started his job at Diamond Bank Mubi , Adamawa to the time of the terrible church massacre and a few years after.



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From The Couch To 42km.

Last year I had fitness goals and I was determined to attain them.. Fast forward to Christmas 2017, fa fa fa foul I had become a bonafide fat boy. I weighed over 110kg and totally unfit. I had let myself go and was eating with reckless abandon. I trust my body , it reveled  in the recklessness.  So I made a decision in January 2 , 2017. I was gong to run a Marathon…….

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Respect The Jazz

There I was, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, chilling with some chilled glass of juice while feasting on peppered shrimps and fries; made by yours truly, when I got a notification from our very own OG. He had just posted an article he knew will pique my interest…a post relating to BLACK MAGIC; not the musician though! I just had to drop a short response. Gentleman, shall we? *strikes Elijah pose*

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Kaido vs The World: Episode 1

*in Charlie Puth’s voice* it’s been a long week, I can’t even lie. And I don’t know where I’ll start from on this episode *song end*. Remix by yours truly. Honestly though, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been a LOONNNGGGG 7 days. I didn’t even know it was possible for a week to feel this long. New experiences all around. It’s gonna be a long one, so grab your popcorn or drink or anything and read on. Are you ready for this?

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