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The Special Anti-robbery Squad has been unleashing hell on the Nigerian Male for years now. I guess the blood of a lot of people are crying out at this injustice. Thanks to “Nigerian Twitter” their sins have only been brought to the fore a few days ago. Just like a support group where rape victims are gathered we have all come together to share our stories of sorrow.

The stories are so heart breaking!! I even have a personal story of a friend who had drugs planted in his car at one check point and they were stopped by another group of SARS operatives who arrested the poor guy. It was all an elaborate scam! He was put in a cell and his wife had to cough out their  life savings before they were released.

The lawyer actually said to them that they were actually lucky! That at least they have life and can rebuild. I understood this statement only a few days ago.

You ask me why? Here are some sad stories i got off twitter alone.

@TerryBrainz said two years ago SARS shot twice in the chest and killed his good childhood friend and took away his corpse . The same operatives who shot and killed him claimed  ignorance when they were questioned. No justice , no body to bury till today.

@Intergrity56 also tweeted : The Wife of another victim said her husband and her just won a visa to travel to Canada. There was so much to look forward to for this family . Everyone was very happy for them. The Happy man then called his guys out to have a drink in a bar , to celebrate his send forth. Unfortunately, that same night The SARS operatives raided everyone there  , took them all way , accused all of them of armed robbery and locked them up. The Canadian bound man explained the reason for them being in the bar , big mistake. They followed him to the bank and made him withdraw 600k of his flight ticket money saved. The Wife , who was pregnant at the time with a 2 year old toddler ran all over Lagos looking to raise more money for his release. Long story short , The Mother got there a week later and there was no record of the Yong man with them.  One of the operatives later told the weeping mother not to bother herself that the man was “wasted” . He was killed and replaced with a convicted criminal the night before. Their home has remained shattered. The Wife struggling to take care of two children.

I’m struggling to hold back tears. Damn I need to attempt to finish this piece.

That was so painful to rehash even as a writer. Can you imagine the pain that family will be feeling till now?

We can not allow this to be another twitter hashtag! We need to do something about this! It could be your brother or your friend or husband that this will happen to one day. I carry my laptop around a lot. I need to , that’s my work station. I could be easily branded a yahoo boy and my family could easily be extorted and left to deal with grief!

I am not going to waste my time to talk about the official position of the Nigerian Police through their PRO. It’s an exercise in futility.


Trust me when I say this , I will do everything in my power to joins hands with anybody who wants to stop this menace.

We can do something about this:

First of all Sign this petition to the National Assembly to #ENDSARS .


Secondly come out to protest peacefully. I will be there.

Please go on twitter and click on the Hasgtag  #ENDSARS for more details.