A Study Of Self Worth : Yxng Dxnzl. M.I Abaga’s Take On Toxic Masculinity

I must warn you, before you read this post . I’m a proper fan of M.I’s music. He deserves every adulation he will get from me. He has an impressive body of work. I really like the way he has been able to evolve his art form over the years  . But even though I really dig his music, I think I have been always capable of  having an unbiased conversation about M.I Abaga.

Even though has such an impressive body of work (5 Studio Albums , 3 Critically Acclaimed mixtapes) M.I Abaga has been always able to polarize opinion on his skill sets.

M.I Abaga pretty much went on a short hiatus after teasing on twitter he was releasing Yung Denzl very soon.  Sadly , there was nothing from the the leader of Choc city while he focused on building the Choc city empire.

This really was a source of frustration for me personally…

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Blood On The Leaves

You know something , If you have stayed in Lagos for most of your life like me It really  makes you far removed from a lot of things happening in other parts of the country.

We live in a time where we see how Boko haram and the infamous gun toting herdsmen have run riot in Northern Nigeria. But can we really relate? I don’t think I really could until this happened to someone I know.

In terms of overcoming  real life nightmares , Ikenna’s story has to be top of the pile. I really relate with it because I knew him  before the attack.We were students of the same school,  so I knew how he looked , I knew his character. I liked the way Ikenna always had a reassuring smile to give.

Hearing this story shook me to my core.   I mean a man had faced the barrel of  the Boko Haram gun and lived to tell the tale!

I  really have been at a loss as to where to start from to tell this important story but I guess it’s best to start from the beginning.


This story is being told from Ikenna’s eyes and point of view.  All words in quotes are his. It is told from the time Ikenna started his job at Diamond Bank Mubi , Adamawa to the time of the terrible church massacre and a few years after.



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Choices: Two Sisters

Hello people! I feel like I actually haven’t said hi to you all in a while. How rude of me. As you might very well know, I am an advocate and unpaid marketer for Marvel’s Black Panther movie…so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this article right now and head to the cinema right now.

Hey! Did you hear what I said? Are you even listening? sigh you’re quite the stubborn one.

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How To Save Money: An Essential Guide

Just look at you! shaking my head.

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King T’Challa: The Leader Of Africa

WAKANDA FOREVER!!! These two words have come out of my mouth over 2000 times since Monday and trust me when I say that I am not exaggerating. I have been hyped and anxious about our great Wakandan King showing the entire universe that we are not to be trifled with. We are a continent of powerful, intelligent, forward thinking, funny and patriotic people. We don’t need a damn national anthem to stand in solidarity.

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