Real Life Nightmare

This is probably the saddest poem I have shared on this series! I don’t know if she spoke from her own realities or speaking from experiences from other women. Whatever the case, she captured this tragically beautifully (if that makes any sense at all).

‘What if men who claim to have the best pullout game are actually shooting blanks’ I’ve joked. Or what if women who have been taking contraceptives for many years decide to try for a baby once they get married only to find out they have fertility issues.

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Choose Happiness

It’s been weeks since I’ve written a regular post! I’m sorry if you’ve noticed and missed me! If not…well i’ll wipe away my one gangster tear in the dark! LOL

Anyway, I guess I’ve been going through a ‘dry uninspired spell’ but i’m slowly trying to get myself out of it and hopefully stay out of it for a while! I guess it’s really because i’ve just been trying to figure out life!

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Weekend Behavior

It’s Sunday night again and I’m here asking the same question…how is the weekend over already? I wonder why we can’t just have 3 days as the weekend. You may argue that Friday is a weekend but if you think about it, it actually isn’t. You still have to go to work or round up that your hustle for the week. Such a stressful thing this adulting is. If I had known, I woulda heeded the warnings of those elders that hinted at us enjoying our youth rather than hurrying to grow up. Now being an adult has it merits, but if I could I would just prefer to go back to my university days.  Continue reading “Weekend Behavior”

Fattie Struggles

I understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. But what about living a happy lifestyle? You have to agree with me that happiness is better than health. Right?

Like what’s the point of being healthy but depressed? But you can be happy and relatively unhealthy… but at least you’re happy! And being in that state of mind, if need be, you are better suited to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you know, if your life was on the line.

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OTW (Archives): Making Lemonade

I feel like when the story of this world is retold, I don’t where or how that will happen (I haven’t figured out how the specifics yet but I’m sure God knows) Kechi Okwuchi’s story will be top of the pile. I don’t know whether y’all understand, but stepping up to tell her story and then proceeding to belt out an amazing rendition of Ed Sheeran’s – Thinking Out Loud on that America’s Got Talent stage was a world event with so much potential to touch so many people’s lives.

Let me explain.

We all know she survived a plane crash right? But how many people, the world over, would have known about her if they were not following her story closely even after she survived hundreds of skin graft surgeries post crash and then went on to graduate with 1st Class honors. Such an inspiring story would have escaped millions of people if not for the America’s Got Talent audition.

I do have so many questions. Why did she keep fighting since that crash? Why did she need to make something of her life? She didn’t need to actually. Surviving all those surgeries should have been excuse enough to coast through life. She didn’t need to struggle to graduate with 1st Class honors (We all know how hard it is to achieve this). Depression could have been an option, suicide could been understandable. Why did she have to fight?

Life hands lemons regularly, we all get our share, there’s no escaping that. Even though, I know some people get lemons in baskets. But we are never given anything we cannot handle. The resilience of the human spirit is second to none. I don’t know why we always seem to underestimate that. We can’t cower in depression or expect the world to throw us a pity party every time we encounter tragedy.

I still don’t understand suicide and and the concept of hopelessness. I don’t think I ever will.

No matter how cliche this sounds “When there is life, there is hope“. A new day is always an opportunity to write a new chapter of your life.