Myth: The One Woman Man

Calm Down B… It’s okay, just breathe in and out and express yourself, Okay? OK.
Go ahead then

So i’m talking about this from a marriage perspective. Don’t misunderstand me, cheating in all types of relationships is wrong, but in marriage, it takes it to a whole other level. I mean, you get married, take vows before GOD and a congregation of people (usually) plus there are almost always kids involved. Why risk it all, for what exactly? 

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Damaged: Chapter 5

I was too weak to walk alone. The death of my daughter had drained me off any energy I had left. Memories began to flash through my mind. I could see her running round the house laughing. Oh, how beautiful her smile was. I will never have the chance to tell her what she meant to me. These flashes and thoughts brought about another burst of tears that brought me to the ground in the parking lot. “My baby. Why my baby?” I said with a soft voice as I cried deeply. “She’s in a better place baby” my husband said as he helped me up again and into the car.

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Damaged: Chapter 4

Two weeks have passed since that fight. Since I abused my husband. Since I made that mistake. All text messages and calls had gone unanswered. I had no idea where he was. I felt so miserable. And every time I held my daughter I said to her “Daddy will be home soon”. Did she understand me? No. But I said this with hopes that my mistake hadn’t chased my husband from me. I want him back so bad. I sent one last text before I slept. I apologised deeply and pleaded for him to return. I hoped pouring my heart out might soften his heart. I overreacted.

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Damaged: Chapter 3

If there was one person I knew I could call it was my oldest and closest friend, Kunbi. “Hello Kunbi, please I need your help” I desperately begged. Sounding surprised, she replied “Na wa o. No hello? You’re rude sha” she jested. Noticing the serious gravity of the situation, she asked “What’s wrong my dear?”. “It’s my husband” I replied. “I think he’s seeing that his Ibo ex”. “What?!” she exclaimed. “How did you come about this information?” she asked hoping I hadn’t heard it from someone else. I went on to tell her about the fateful encounter and requested her to help me send someone to follow my husband and watch what happens. Continue reading “Damaged: Chapter 3”