Yes Please, Thank You

Lately all over social media, there’s been a lot of conversations around Taxify and Uber; both in the service industry. There is obviously an increase in the number of businesses in this industry; I personally feel that 95% of businesses are in this industry one way or the other, some obviously more than others. On the surface this a welcome development as more jobs are being created but are we really prepared?

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We Won’t Be Silenced

The first time I heard Eyan Maywhether by Olamide, I was like yeah this is definitely another hit but that line (in the image above) caught my attention the most. I never really forgot it, it was just somewhere in my mind coasting, not really knowing when I would need to use it for something. However, thinking of the current political climate in Nigeria, this is the line that keeps coming to mind. The truth in it can’t be denied.
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Money Often Costs Too Much

This morning while trying to take a long satisfying  sip from my  cup of coffee, i had an epiphany.

We have been deceived by the lure of the security that money provides that we have often sacrificed so much .

We have often sacrificed our sanity and happiness.

We have often sacrificed our our  love and friendships.

We have often sacrificed our integrity and peace of mind.

Too much of a price to pay for a piece of paper in my opinion.

Why am i sounding altruistic  this morning ?

I know and agree with you when you say money certainly eases some of the life struggles.

But the greatest gift  you can be given as a human being is doing something you truly love.

lets not waste time because time is certainly something you cannot get back.

Do what you love.

Money is just an added perk.