King T’Challa: The Leader Of Africa

WAKANDA FOREVER!!! These two words have come out of my mouth over 2000 times since Monday and trust me when I say that I am not exaggerating. I have been hyped and anxious about our great Wakandan King showing the entire universe that we are not to be trifled with. We are a continent of powerful, intelligent, forward thinking, funny and patriotic people. We don’t need a damn national anthem to stand in solidarity.

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Yes Please, Thank You

Lately all over social media, there’s been a lot of conversations around Taxify and Uber; both in the service industry. There is obviously an increase in the number of businesses in this industry; I personally feel that 95% of businesses are in this industry one way or the other, some obviously more than others. On the surface this a welcome development as more jobs are being created but are we really prepared?

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Domestic Violence

Can Gloomy describe how I’m feeling right now? Y’all don’t care, right? Well, I get it but are we still human beings? I need to know if blood still runs in our veins. I’m a lady, a daughter, soon-to -be a wife and definitely someone’s mother someday soon and I just can’t wrap my head around how cold we’ve become to one another, like how and when did we get here?! What’s in for the next generations? Should I be scared of who my children, cousins or nieces would end up with in the future?

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Respect The Jazz

There I was, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, chilling with some chilled glass of juice while feasting on peppered shrimps and fries; made by yours truly, when I got a notification from our very own OG. He had just posted an article he knew will pique my interest…a post relating to BLACK MAGIC; not the musician though! I just had to drop a short response. Gentleman, shall we? *strikes Elijah pose*

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When We Mix Gender Roles With Equality

So this weekend was eventful for a lot of reasons. We (B and I) got to be guests on another podcast called the Unusual Podcast (Y’all should check them out, really awesome podcast).

After wading through the murky rain flooded streets of Lekki 1  (Thankfully Stacy, my Jalopy, was up to the task) we finally got to the Sound City studios where the podcast was being recorded.

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