The Most Random Episode Ever!

Nollywood Actress Ufuoma Mcdermott joins the UTMT duo in this episode  where we talk about everything from the concept of Okafors Law and whether its a realistic law or not .  We also talk about the entertainment industry being the biggest conveyors of our culture and even how her "markate"  is selling! Its as random… Continue reading The Most Random Episode Ever!


OTW (Archives): The Wedding Party 2 (Yes/No?)

So Mo Abudu’s announcement that they had begun filming of The Wedding Party sequel took me completely by surprise. I mean I hadn’t  washed off the taste of The Wedding Party 1 completely out of my mouth before i was hit with this announcement. So the first thing I noticed when I saw Mo Abudus instagram… Continue reading OTW (Archives): The Wedding Party 2 (Yes/No?)