Fattie Struggles

I understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. But what about living a happy lifestyle? You have to agree with me that happiness is better than health. Right?

Like what’s the point of being healthy but depressed? But you can be happy and relatively unhealthy… but at least you’re happy! And being in that state of mind, if need be, you are better suited to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you know, if your life was on the line.

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Story Time Friday: Love Burns…

Here goes nothing!
Story story? Story! Once upon a time? Time time!!!

In 2015, a 24 year old girl, let’s call her T, wanted to do something special for her new boyfriend, let’s call him The Chosen One. In light of this, Wonder Woman T decided to take homemade food to The Chosen One, who happened to be in NYSC orientation camp in Ogun state. So this was going to be a long journey special food delivery!

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