From The Couch To 42km.

Last year I had fitness goals and I was determined to attain them.. Fast forward to Christmas 2017, fa fa fa foul I had become a bonafide fat boy. I weighed over 110kg and totally unfit. I had let myself go and was eating with reckless abandon. I trust my body , it reveled  in the recklessness.  So I made a decision in January 2 , 2017. I was gong to run a Marathon…….

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A Guide On How To Navigate Lagos This Weekend

The weekend is here and we probably have a few places to go to this weekend. Going out in Lagos can be an absolute struggle and If you’re going out with your car then it seems like you need to keep on the alert because every body and their mothers are out to finesse you in some shape or form. It’s such a struggle that I don’t blame anybody who decides to just stay in their homes.

I decided to do a list guys. I call it the finesse list.

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Songs We Lose Our Home Training To!

Music is crazy. The one thing in the world that I can never get tired of ever.

So I got inspiration  to curate a “Loose your home training playlist“. It’s quite simple guys let me explain.

You know there’s always that song that you hear and you can’t help but go crazy right? Total loss of all sense of control ? Yes that’s it!! That’s what i’m talking about! If you’re a musician (I don’t care what part of the world you come from) If your’re able to achieve this feat and you manage to create that kind of song? You’re set for life trust me.

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