Red Or Blue Pill…

There are so many notable ‘Nigerians’ making strives in different careers worldwide. Is the secret of their success solely attributed to them being outside of Nigeria? This week we talk about the success or lack there of, for those who choose, or have no choice. but to stay back. Join the conversation on social media using #utmtpodcast. Like, comment and share this podcast!

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OTW (Archives): #OtodoGbame – Beyond The Hashtags

Its such a Lagos thing to say “What is this #OtodoGbame hastag i have been seeing all over twitter” abeg?  This kind of tweet is usually accompanied with a hashtag. I do not think I’m the  most “woke” person in the world but I blame this lack of knowledge on Big Brother. While we were all immersed in Big Brother all this happened and now that the show is over we all have mind space to focus on Otodo Gbame. But no adequate backstory.

So invariably just like a lot of things Nigeria there is not much to draw conclusions on. Last time i checked i don’t know anybody who resides in the Otodo Gbame waterfront community nor am I a Lagosian . But I know this.. a well rounded perspective is invaluable.

So let me help out in some way, probably give a 360 degree perspective of the situation.

Florence Sotu had her house and belongings brought down to a rubble. She said she slept in a boat with two of her children.

Paul Kunnu said they have nowhere to go , He said this was where he was born , his father and also his Grandfather before him.

The LAGOSMT which is basically the Lagos State Government Monitoring Team feel this was done in the interest of Lagos State as a whole as Militants have been harbored in the community. They also posited that their security operatives were alleged to have been killed by these Militants. They maintain that the residents of this community are illegal occupants.

Twitter however, is crying out for the Justice of the poor people of Otodo Gbame, who are being oppressed by the high and mighty.

Now while i feel the intentions of the State Government Agency involved  is to secure the state. I sincerely feeling a lot of thinking did not go into the aftermath of the demolition and the forceful ejection of the residents. Even the methods were reminiscent of the Maroko 89 eviction.

So here is my stand ,If people like Paul Kunnu say they are legal occupants of this community please lets see some documents. Present them in court.

Sadly i feel we have a security crisis on our hands. Because we have over 4000 displayed and desperate residents of Otodo Gbame  in the Eti-Osa Local Government area.

What does this mean? Your guess is as good as mine.


Another One

Here’s the thing… I was thinking so hard about what to write about this morning. I thought, there’s nothing really significant happening (selfish way of saying nothing that i’m directly affected by). I thought about the meningitis breakout in Nigeria that has killed a score of people already. I read somewhere that this particular strain is deadlier than the Ebola virus, as it kills anywhere from 4-6 hours after infection! That’s SCARY AF! Why isn’t there a heightened awareness? I don’t know the affected areas or ways it spreads, but do your own research and be safe!

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Violence and Nigerians in the abroad

The question i ask myself is why are  Nigerians always the center of attacks . First, South Africa and now India. You start to wonder if Nigerians are the only African resident in these countries.

The average Nigerian is the most reviled person in Africa. You see so  many preconceived notions about Nigerians.I watched with disgust a video on twitter where a South African Pastor said that it was because of the size our penises and our penis enlargement Ads in South Africa that’s why their  South African women are gravitating towards Nigerian men.

That’s not entirely the reason but thank you for the compliment.

Granted, in most cases we are as flamboyant as peacocks , so we basically stick out like out sore thumbs. The average Nigerian who has the means  is ready to outspend any other person.Its this spending power that make South African brands in Nigeria like “Shoprite” and even “MTN” prosper. (Dont worry guys we will not retaliate).

But they also forget that the average Nigerian will out work any other African. We have the God given talent to hustle. I know this drive sometimes manifests itself negatively but the drive is there.So you see, Nigerians will always go to a country and progress.

This is why the average South African woman wants to date a Nigerian.So i understand where the hate is coming from.

We do need to be protected by our country a little bit more. The government needs to pass a message that every Nigerian soul in diaspora is priceless.

I doubt this will happen though. We wey dey Nigeria never dey protected talk less of una wey dey outside Leave story.

The bitter truth is that Y’all are own your own, that will not change sadly.

OTW (Archives) -The Fizzy Drink Saga

Stupid as Mr Fijabi Adebos idea was to export Coke , Fanta and Sprite to the United Kingdom was,that is practically the singular thing that brought the fuckery we witness in Nigeria regularly to the fore.

As a rule of thumb, Multinational corporations get away with a lot in these parts. Our government agencies do diddly squat in terms of quality control.

I know for a fact that a bottle of coke in the US and a bottle of coke in Nigeria taste marginally different.So I wasn’t surprised when it was established that the Benzoic acid levels were above normal UK requirements.

In all of this I really lay the blame on the feet of NAFDAC. If they did their jobs by carrying out the required tests to ascertain the safety of these products we wouldn’t be in this situation.

The thing is, who soda epp? I know the various beef sausage companies will thoroughly disagree with me. Even the teeming restaurants and bukas. Do you know how many people order meals with soda? (That’s a topic for another day).

The fact is drinking soda is entrenched in our lifestyles.So even if the NBC is compelled to put warnings  not to take with Vitamin C on the on the bottles. I personally don’t see how this will hurt them in the long run.

To be honest  personally I sipped my last bottle of soda immediately I read the news report. Alcohol is next on the list (So help me God) and since i have not kicked the bucket from soda deprivation I know I will be alright.

OTW (Archives): Welcome Back Presido

So, Mr President, given that its  your first day back to work , I felt it might take you a few days to get back to speed. As a concerned citizen, I thought i’d do you a favor and steer you  in the right direction. I feel these are a few of the things I would love you to focus on .

First of all, please can you tell Governor El-Rufai to stop bullying Audu Maikori and let him go again? Please find a way to rein in your Governor. I know he reminds you of a younger you, but this seems more like a personal vendetta to me.

Its not like El-Rufai is the poster boy for tweeting responsibly.I mean, all we need to do is pull up El-Rufai’s tweets from 2015 to know that he has said worse.

I know you feel we are pests on social media.But the thing is, there’s is a #FreeAuduMaikoriAgain hashtag going on that has not gotten any attention compared to the former #FreeAuduMaikori hashtag.

You know we have a short attention span, we have moved on to the next hot topic. But the international press is watching this closely I assure you.

Gladly, the Dollar to Naira rate is $1 to N456. Considering we were heading towards N600 to $1 while you were away, this is a step in the right direction. Your CBN Governor eventually has started doing something right.

Look into that Etisalat Problem, can you? I know they are the official Nigerian “Onigbese” but 23 Million subscribers means they cant go bankrupt.

Bros i know say you go still travel for check up but let’s just focus on the economy for the next few weeks. We have to keep the momentum going.

I see Shekau and his boys have welcomed you back with a bomb or two. I trust you will do something about it.

Meanwhile, give your VP a raise. That man is the real MVP.

We Won’t Be Silenced

The first time I heard Eyan Maywhether by Olamide, I was like yeah this is definitely another hit but that line (in the image above) caught my attention the most. I never really forgot it, it was just somewhere in my mind coasting, not really knowing when I would need to use it for something. However, thinking of the current political climate in Nigeria, this is the line that keeps coming to mind. The truth in it can’t be denied.
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