Red Or Blue Pill…

There are so many notable ‘Nigerians’ making strives in different careers worldwide. Is the secret of their success solely attributed to them being outside of Nigeria? This week we talk about the success or lack there of, for those who choose, or have no choice. but to stay back. Join the conversation on social media using #utmtpodcast. Like, comment and share this podcast!

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#OtodoGbame – Beyond The Hashtags

Its such a Lagos thing to say “What is this #OtodoGbame hastag i have been seeing all over twitter” abeg?  This kind of tweet is usually accompanied with a hashtag. I do not think I’m the  most “woke” person in the world but I blame this lack of knowledge on Big Brother. While we were all immersed in Big Brother all this happened and now that the show is over we all have mind space to focus on Otodo Gbame. But no adequate backstory.

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Another One

Here’s the thing… I was thinking so hard about what to write about this morning. I thought, there’s nothing really significant happening (selfish way of saying nothing that i’m directly affected by). I thought about the meningitis breakout in Nigeria that has killed a score of people already. I read somewhere that this particular strain is deadlier than the Ebola virus, as it kills anywhere from 4-6 hours after infection! That’s SCARY AF! Why isn’t there a heightened awareness? I don’t know the affected areas or ways it spreads, but do your own research and be safe!

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