Men , Please Use More Lotion ! 

I used to be the guy that had the worst skin routine.

The best I would do was to use Vaseline on my hair and lips . In harmattan season I would extend it further to my feet.

I’m bald now ( maybe the Vaseline caused that ) and I have hard hands . My lips still remain as soft as ever ( don’t ask me how I know this ) but that was the only physical feature that was saved.

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Fattie Struggles

I understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. But what about living a happy lifestyle? You have to agree with me that happiness is better than health. Right?

Like what’s the point of being healthy but depressed? But you can be happy and relatively unhealthy… but at least you’re happy! And being in that state of mind, if need be, you are better suited to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you know, if your life was on the line.

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