Forwarded As Received

Remember BBM? Remember how broadcasts messages seemed to be some sort of taboo on that redundant app? Well with Whatsapp it seems to be okay.

Here’s the kicker. It seems to have become the foremost form of information dissemination among a lot of Nigerians.  Sad thing is that there is no surefire way of sifting through the untruths  and people just post it regardless with the magic words “Forwarded As Received”  tucked right under the long epistle. It’s amazing how you can start some sort of propaganda or even start nationwide panic through these Broadcast messages.

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First World Problems

*steps on stage and picks mic* My people!!! Watdeyhappen? Been a minute innit? So, who missed me? Anybody? *insert cricket sound*. Damn…cold crowd!

Anyways, today’s rant addresses my fascination with First World madness. Where do I begin? Is it the gender identifications? Or maybe the crazy thrill seeking adventures. Perhaps the insane demands made when divorce happens. The list is just endless. I think I’m low-key starting to love the fact that Nigeria is a Third World country. Why?

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Creeping Internet

90s baby but I don’t fuck with 90s internet

Being in Nigeria, a 3rd world country, with 1st world dreams but 4th world infrastructure! Is the absolute worst…

There are so many times, that just being in this country frustrates you! I once saw a tweet that said something to the extent of, Nigerians don’t deserve to go to hell as we are already living in it; so we should get a free pass to heaven. On days like this, I can’t but agree!

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