OTW (Archives): ASUU +Nigeria Gov = Destiny Wasters

ASUU has done it again! They have done what I personally think they were created as a Union to do.******************Drumroll****************************Embark on strikes! The figure of contention this time is about One Trillion Naira  from the Federal Government (Giggles) . I'm sure when Buhari read the news headlines he would have so many laughs far way… Continue reading OTW (Archives): ASUU +Nigeria Gov = Destiny Wasters


Nigeria and Charlottesville , Same Na Ni.

Gather round beloved. We have something important to discuss. So I saw people commenting on the Charlottesville White Supremacists in demonstration in America with such disgust here and the irony of it all hit me like a wave.  Are we really that oblivious of the Ethnic polarization hugely evident here in Nigeria? Are we going… Continue reading Nigeria and Charlottesville , Same Na Ni.

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Rigors Of The Online Dating Game

Dating is stress guys. Absolutely stress. Especially if you have a tough schedule. Picking the right partner who is not a witch or demon in disguise is the toughest thing ever. Where and how people go about finding is not science so people try all sorts. So I overheard a few people talking about Tinder… Continue reading Rigors Of The Online Dating Game