Love Isn’t For Kids

Hey guys, so this week’s poem is all about LOVE! haha…what isn’t about love, deep down?!

Anyway, for me, this speaks on the difference between love and infatuation or maybe lust and a crush. Pretty much when people label other emotions as love, when they really aren’t. And for a while you may feel love ain’t shit but in reality, when someone who is grown and aware LOVES you, the difference is clear…

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Love and War #WCW

It’s Wednesday so you know what time it is!!! #WordsCrushWednesday

Everyone has their own unique takeout from a poem. For me, this beautiful poem by Zara Howard is about new love. You know how you meet someone, you can’t get them out of your mind, you want to know everything about them, spend as much time as possible with them. You know, when lust runs high but don’t get me wrong, the love is there but somewhere in the background.

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