How To Save Money: An Essential Guide

Just look at you! shaking my head.

You saw money and quickly clicked the link with haste. How do I know? Well, simple answer is that I would have done the same in your shoes. So, do not fret…there are no judgements here wink wink.

The rules I am about to give were ones I stumbled upon one of those days I was just surfing the net. It was shared by one of them billionaires and I felt it will help at least one person improve their money management habits and things. Check them out below. Continue reading “How To Save Money: An Essential Guide”

9-5 Vs. Entrepreneurship

There’s a constant comparison between having a 9-5 vs. being your own boss. This week, the duo, alongside their guest, Cohan, the owner of Retrocode, discuss this long debated issue and more. Plus there’s a giveaway! Don’t miss out, follow @cdashlabs on twitter and instagram to get the details of the giveaway. Comment, like and share the podcast using #utmtpodcast

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