Felabration has begun in earnest and this week, Under The Mango Tree it’s all about the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The UTMT duo were joined by Iconic Artist Lemi Ghariokwu who incidentally designed most of the Album covers for Fela. He takes us down memory lane and chronicles his early years as a young artist working with Fela. Listen and share this podcast with your friends and don’t forget to rate us on ITunes!

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A Dramatic Life

We all know life is so fickle you see and sadly half the time, the drama we experience has no music to accompany it. Take for example, someone is seated at home, having a laugh with a couple of friends when he receives a call that makes him weak to his knees. His mum has just had an accident and passed away on the way to the hospital. He cries uncontrollably and is inconsolable. People come visiting, sharing condolences, etc. You know the drill. Its dramatic yea but missing the extra flair. Continue reading “A Dramatic Life”

Songs We Lose Our Home Training To!!

Music is crazy. The one thing in the world that I can never get tired of ever.

So I got inspiration  to curate a “Loose your home training playlist“. It’s quite simple guys let me explain.

You know there’s always that song that you hear and you can’t help but go crazy right? Total loss of all sense of control ? Yes that’s it!! That’s what i’m talking about! If you’re a musician (I don’t care what part of the world you come from) If your’re able to achieve this feat and you manage to create that kind of song? You’re set for life trust me.

So i’m going to attempt to do a short playlist now and to make sure it’s perfect i’ll get help from y’all. I’ll post a few here and y’all will let me know your picks in the comments section. Agreed?

So ladies and gentlemen I present to you my own list of songs I loose my home training to

**************Cue Drumroll*************

Let us Begin:

  • Skales Feat Sarkodie – Booty Language. skales

See ehn you haven’t lived your life to the fullest until you’ve seen a Nigerian woman booty shake to this song. this has been the Nigerian song of the summer for me to be honest. Seriously , you have no option but to lose yourself when you hear the words “How do you say booty in your language ” . Epic!


  • Niniola – Maradona :

Niniola (2)

I was in the gym this one time and this song played. I kid you not I looked around and everyone was dancing , twerking  and doing all sorts. There is a house vibe about this song that makes you want to move every single time.

  • Small Doctor – Penalty


Even Small Doctor’s Snap Chat fiasco has not stopped me from loving this song. When the famous catch phrase “If you nor get money hide your face” blares off any speaker you know every body in the vicinity is losing their cool. Even if you’re the Presidents Son or daughter you’re not safe from the power of this song.

Olamide – Wo

olamide wo

I don’t know what to say to you guys to adequately describe what this song does to me wo

But this guy ⇑ describes it with such precision. Shameful behavior I tell you.

  • Skuki – Pass The Agbara


All home training is lot when this song comes on. God help me. The beat is so sick though! Sick I say. Best thing these brothers have created so far.

Guys I’m going to stop here. But i’ll let you guys give me your picks. Hit up the comments let me know what you usually lose yourself to and it’s not specific to any genre or any country.  



OTW (Archives) – Tick Tick Voice Nigeria

First things first. I think the Voice Nigeria is a great show. Great production and an actual great ensemble from the hosts IK Osakiodowa and Stephanie Coker to all the Judges. It’s a pretty impressive cast. Even Tuface wouldn’t be missed much this season because Yemi Alade adds a lot of color to the show. All in all it’s an impressive production.

But is the show really living up to its potential? Judging from last season’s show which saw Arese win the coveted 1st prize we haven’t seen much from all the other finalists. Maybe except for DNA who got signed by Don Jazzy. I know Chike is still feeding himself fat off all that Airtel endorsement money but what’s up with music bro?

I’m singling out The Voice because as far as I’m concerned Project Fame has totally lost it in terms of funneling music talent and it actually has become a very boring show production wise. So like the words go “To whom is given much is expected” we all look to The Voice Nigeria to take its place as the “Go to” platform  discover talent. I mean they have the viewers attention , the have advertising and sponsorship locked down. What else do they need?

They literally have one job.

I’m sure you’re wondering “Ahn Ahn it’s too early to be critical“. But I have a good reason for this.

Do you know that the good talent shows have the first 5 seasons to push out talent successfully before the law of diminishing returns start to set in? Look at the project fame trajectory and you would understand where I’m coming from.  Even though they have fallen off now, but they had an impressive run in the first five seasons and  they were able to produce talent that have become proper stars.

Tick tock guys , as usual we will be watching.

We Cast and Bind The Spirit Of Faaji Today!

I just had an epiphany guys! I think I may have unearthed Nigeria’s problems. Like a scientist, I have made a discovery like no other. A discovery that will rival the invention of any vaccine in the history of mankind!


Yes! You just read that and to eliminate any doubts, I wrote that in caps and bold letters.

See Ehn,  most Nigerians have this spirit but we must agree that some are more driven by this spirit compared to others. Don’t laugh oh! I’m being very serious here!

The need to floss, stunt or turn up in whatever form drives us all and believe me, just like every thing on this Earth, there are levels to this shit! Some are able to contain this spirit and some are so possessed by it they need an exorcist!

Trust me, you can trace it from our Ogas in politics, to the corporate robber inflating purchasing orders or even your favorite neighborhood kidnapper, to the feared bank robber and even the “Yahoo Yahoo” boy typing vigorously on his laptop right this moment.

Remember that famous bank robbery that happened in Owerri- Imo state a few weeks ago? He was caught at his father’s burial ceremony. You can bet it was as lavish as can be. Dammy Krane nko? Flying private up and down (Mscheeeeew). What of Mr “I have repented from being a kidnapper” Evans? Houses in every major city and even in Ghana. Don’t get me started with the politicians who give “Thanks for coming” up to 500,000 thousand Naira to random girls for a good night.

To a lesser extent, the student telling lies through his teeth about school fees, who doesn’t want to use the extra cash to buy more books, na bruh, it’s for Faaji guys. What of your co-worker that’s in finance inflating invoices in cahoots with suppliers? Most likely to get a new car or some new luxury item.

So beloved, the solution is simple we have to hold a nationwide inter-denominational prayer session.

This Faaji Spirit has to go guys. It has to go!

Fire Fire Fire Fire!!