Whistle Blowing : The New Cash Cow (Or Is It?)

See Ehn, I have to quit my job and get into high end Real Estate/whistle blowing real quick!! Especially in the Ikoyi-Lagos area. I mean I figure I can make a handsome reward as a whistle blower in a very short time.

I always thought i was a woke guy but I’m thoroughly disappointed in myself to be honest. But i will fix up soon. This 9-5 life is not working out for me to be honest

I have no doubt that the latest whistle blower  (50 Million Dollars found in a house in Ikoyi ) will be taking money showers in the not too distant future for real. That is if we are not following all this plot twists on twitter. 

I wonder why recovery of loot has to be politicized. In case you don’t realize this guys  recovering this loot  is a great thing for Nigeria as a whole!! Why are we not getting mad at these politicians for plundering this great countrys resources. Why???

How did this turn to a PDP Vs APC battle. The overlords paid by the respective factions are spinning their narrative with deftness only matched by a master film maker like Martin Scorsese.

I mean how did Rotimi Amaechi get dragged into this? How? I understand that people are trying their best not to claim that money but, come on! that’s the worst conspiracy theory I have heard today!

I applaud the EFCC twitter account because of the way they have put out their official statement of recovery of the loot without jeopardizing the case. That’s the only way we can get convictions. We will watch with popcorn in hand as this drama continues to unfold. 

By the way  let’s say a prayer for the EFCC official pictured counting the recovered stash. That shirt of his needs some thorough dry cleaning to be honest  with all the sweat it soaked. Brother was having a damn hard time counting those dollar bills.

 Bless you my brother .  I feel your pain.