Real Life Nightmare

This is probably the saddest poem I have shared on this series! I don’t know if she spoke from her own realities or speaking from experiences from other women. Whatever the case, she captured this tragically beautifully (if that makes any sense at all).

‘What if men who claim to have the best pullout game are actually shooting blanks’ I’ve joked. Or what if women who have been taking contraceptives for many years decide to try for a baby once they get married only to find out they have fertility issues.

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When Our Heroes Become Human

This is a tough subject matter for me guys. When I discuss my parents, it’s always a nostalgic mix of pain and joy. But no matter what,  I gotta do this for the culture.

So, I was going through some old pictures of my parents, my dad especially, and memories came flooding in waves. I started with the earlier pictures of when he was a young strapping gentleman with so much vigor.

I progressed further down the pile of photos and one picture stopped me in my tracks. This was my dad twenty years older at my mothers burial looking like a broken man.

This, my friends, was the exact moment that my father was demystified in my eyes. So, here was a man that occupied absolute god-like status in my eyes, weeping profusely like a little child. There were times as a kid I couldn’t look the man in the eyes out of fear. It was incredibly difficult to see a man who always oozed strength in such a vulnerable position. It was only went downhill from then on people, and like an onion bulb King Oguh unraveled.

But that essentially is life. To be honest, I feel that children are supposed to view their parents through innocent eyes and in such reverence till they are matured enough to look at their parents objectively when these vulnerabilities start to show. Because when you start to see the flaws, you can’t un-see them.

Same way I feel the need to believe in “Father Christmas”, “The Boogeyman” or even the “The Innocence of the World” until its time the rip the band-aid off.

Everybody has to see their their parents become human. I think it makes us appreciate them more  because only humans can raise humans.

So guys lets talk, what moment in your life did the veil fall from your eyes and your heroes became human? I’ll tweet the most interesting posts in the comment section.

Damaged: Chapter 5

I was too weak to walk alone. The death of my daughter had drained me off any energy I had left. Memories began to flash through my mind. I could see her running round the house laughing. Oh, how beautiful her smile was. I will never have the chance to tell her what she meant to me. These flashes and thoughts brought about another burst of tears that brought me to the ground in the parking lot. “My baby. Why my baby?” I said with a soft voice as I cried deeply. “She’s in a better place baby” my husband said as he helped me up again and into the car.

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Damaged: Chapter 4

Two weeks have passed since that fight. Since I abused my husband. Since I made that mistake. All text messages and calls had gone unanswered. I had no idea where he was. I felt so miserable. And every time I held my daughter I said to her “Daddy will be home soon”. Did she understand me? No. But I said this with hopes that my mistake hadn’t chased my husband from me. I want him back so bad. I sent one last text before I slept. I apologised deeply and pleaded for him to return. I hoped pouring my heart out might soften his heart. I overreacted.

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Damaged: Chapter 3

If there was one person I knew I could call it was my oldest and closest friend, Kunbi. “Hello Kunbi, please I need your help” I desperately begged. Sounding surprised, she replied “Na wa o. No hello? You’re rude sha” she jested. Noticing the serious gravity of the situation, she asked “What’s wrong my dear?”. “It’s my husband” I replied. “I think he’s seeing that his Ibo ex”. “What?!” she exclaimed. “How did you come about this information?” she asked hoping I hadn’t heard it from someone else. I went on to tell her about the fateful encounter and requested her to help me send someone to follow my husband and watch what happens. Continue reading “Damaged: Chapter 3”

Damaged: Chapter 2

Our daughter was with my mother for the weekend. It was Tola and Ayo time. No midnight cravings or cries. Just us two for the first time in months. We had great day planned out and I am certain we both were looking forward to it. We headed to the mall, did a bit of shopping, ate and saw a couple of movies. Then she appeared. The lady I believed was probably the “other woman”. We had just paid for our parking space and were about to leave when we both heard “Oh my God! Tola Adekoya. I can’t believe it”.

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