Nigerian Government Should Leave AJ Alone

Anthony “Femi” Joshua fought and won over the weekend.

The British-Nigerian /Nigerian-British slugger (depending on what part of the world you’re  from)  is now 20-0 fights in the heavy weight category at just 28. Damn impressive If you ask me. It had to get to the tenth round but Carlos Takam was stopped regardless.

But we are not here to talk about Anthony Joshua’s greatness.  Not at all.

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#OtodoGbame – Beyond The Hashtags

Its such a Lagos thing to say “What is this #OtodoGbame hastag i have been seeing all over twitter” abeg?  This kind of tweet is usually accompanied with a hashtag. I do not think I’m the  most “woke” person in the world but I blame this lack of knowledge on Big Brother. While we were all immersed in Big Brother all this happened and now that the show is over we all have mind space to focus on Otodo Gbame. But no adequate backstory.

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