OTW (Archives): Nigerian Government Should Leave AJ Alone

Anthony “Femi” Joshua fought and won over the weekend.

The British-Nigerian /Nigerian-British slugger (depending on what part of the world you’re  from)  is now 20-0 fights in the heavy weight category at just 28. Damn impressive If you ask me. It had to get to the tenth round but Carlos Takam was stopped regardless.

But we are not here to talk about Anthony Joshua’s greatness.  Not at all.

What I really want to talk about and what irks me, was that our clueless Sports Minister led a delegation to watch the fight in Cardiff over the weekend. I’m not against Nigerians spending taxpayers money to watch a fight. Lets be frank, they will still spend our money whatever way they wish. No accountability at all. That’s talk for another day.

What worries me is that we are going to put the Nigerian curse on that poor boy and kill his destiny. This is not paranoia trust me. Remember Samuel Peter? “The Nigerian Nightmare”? The man was on the rise after he won the WBO  heavy weight belt, then he came to Nigeria and there was so much fun fare!  I’m talking about dancers at the airport, presidential honors and handshakes, streets named after him etc. etc.

Then he fought Kilitchsko and his career was over. He was beaten to a pulp. Of course nobody in the government spoke to him after that.

It’s the Nigerian curse trust me.

So this is a public service announcement to Anthony Joshua and to all sports people of Nigerian descent, plying their trade in any country. If you manage to make it, please stay away from Nigeria till your career is over. After you call time on your career, you can come back.

Solomon Dalung should focus on the Nigerian Boxing Association and all the teeming  boxing talent who can only afford bread and beans or fufu as their major source of nutrition.

Focus on them and not Anthony Joshua, the man will be fine.

OTW (Archives): The Biafran Dilemma Part 2

Guys remember sometime in May this year when we last talked about this Biafran dilemma ?

Well, here we are again back to this subject  matter but this time things seem to have escalated very quickly.

Things just got real for Nnamdi Kanu and Co. as IPOB has been officially declared a terrorist organisation and the Military has swooped in to nullify IPOB.

First things first , I always have an issue with the Military  being called in to handle a Civil unrest that the Police would have handled if Nigeria had a vibrant State police system. Just look at examples like the Odi  and Zaki Biam communities that have been left devastated when a pissed off Military force are sent to contain a situation.

There are no middle grounds for the Military especially when you piss them off. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything close to what happened in those communities like what happened in the east over the past week. But it was completely excessive , sadly I have come to expect this from the Military. I remember a time in Secondary school when I was still a Junior student  some senior students in school decided form a mini cult  and acquire a firearms (I don’t know how they were able to get hold of guns) and caused unrest in my school. The school board called the Military in. It is safe to safe it was an unforgettable day for those baby cultists.

We do need to equip the Police especially as theyare usually trained to approach civil unrest differently and not as excessively as the Military approach it. It might be just wishful thinking as I don’t see the possibility of this happening anytime soon.

I stayed too long on this point but stay with me I have one more thing to say.

I have heard a few Nigerians of Igbo descent say that the IPOB agitations are valid  and just that the style leaves a lot to be desired. But let me clue you in on something beloved. Al’ Qeada , Boko Haram , ISIS , MEND , The Niger Delta Avengers and  any other terrorist organisations have also taken the truth and warped it to drive hateful agenda. So , I’m sorry , I can not separate the two. You don’t agitate against Marginalization of the Igbo people with one mouth and from the other side of your mouth incite violence through hateful rhetoric and the put the lives of members of your organisation and innocent bystanders  in Danger.

However , beyond using a sledge hammer to crush ants.  The Federal Government needs to find a way to create an all inclusive plan to the heal all the sections of the country still harboring wounds. In an ideal situation even Nnamdi Kanu needs to be involved in the process .Even though the man grates my nerves.

Because if IPOB is eliminated and the problems remain? Another Hybrid and stronger organisation will spring up and we will be back to square one.

OTW (Archives): The King Is Back

Our King is back  ( I call him a King because he is certainly no democrat) and he is spitting fire.

He was graceful enough to address his subjects this morning.

I needed to get a transcript of that speech because anytime the President speaks its always a chore deciphering what he says.

In case your’re having difficulty too let me help you summarize and paraphrase .

“I have seen your tweets and posts , all you trouble makers trying to break this country apart will be seriously dealt with. I’m watching you in 3D . By the way Nnamdi Kanu  i’m coming for you *After name dropping Ojukwu of course

Really Sir? That’s all? No assurances on a concise plan for the economy for the rest of your tenure?

Baba just wanted to address critics. He must have been seething so much it couldn’t wait.

It’s funny but they don’t understand that when you take away a Nigerians lively hood they become very very angry. That’s why there is so much vitriol towards the Government. That’s why all of a sudden there is so much Igbo support for IPOB. Those guys are not making money anymore.

Make the country working optimally and you would be shocked how Nigerians will face front.

Hell lets see a plan of action and concerted effort towards execution.

I know social media is an unwanted inconvenience Sir. But I’m not sure you will succeed in gagging us by force.

Just leave politicking and fix our country please.

In the following days after this post was written, rats seem to have overtaken the Aso Rock Villa.  I guess there’s no resuming work anytime soon for the Commander In Chief. The Nigerian comedy show keeps on getting more ridiculous by the day. 


OTW (Archives): ASUU +Nigeria Gov = Destiny Wasters

ASUU has done it again! They have done what I personally think they were created as a Union to do.


Embark on strikes!

The figure of contention this time is about One Trillion Naira  from the Federal Government (Giggles) . I’m sure when Buhari read the news headlines he would have so many laughs far way in the UK.

I don’t think ASUU is the problem though. They are just past of a dead educational system in this country.

So before we go further I would like to ask a question.

Given the choice and the financial leverage would you send your child to a Nigerian University that isn’t private owned?

Exactly.  Education is not cheap. It needs funding! But sadly fund appropriation has been the issue. Just like everything going wrong in this country. Money goes to pockets instead.

So I can’t pretend I have the solution guys.

But I do know this. Kill corruption and you save education.

Sadly this is not up to us I’m afraid.



We Cast and Bind The Spirit Of Faaji Today!

I just had an epiphany guys! I think I may have unearthed Nigeria’s problems. Like a scientist, I have made a discovery like no other. A discovery that will rival the invention of any vaccine in the history of mankind!


Yes! You just read that and to eliminate any doubts, I wrote that in caps and bold letters.

See Ehn,  most Nigerians have this spirit but we must agree that some are more driven by this spirit compared to others. Don’t laugh oh! I’m being very serious here!

The need to floss, stunt or turn up in whatever form drives us all and believe me, just like every thing on this Earth, there are levels to this shit! Some are able to contain this spirit and some are so possessed by it they need an exorcist!

Trust me, you can trace it from our Ogas in politics, to the corporate robber inflating purchasing orders or even your favorite neighborhood kidnapper, to the feared bank robber and even the “Yahoo Yahoo” boy typing vigorously on his laptop right this moment.

Remember that famous bank robbery that happened in Owerri- Imo state a few weeks ago? He was caught at his father’s burial ceremony. You can bet it was as lavish as can be. Dammy Krane nko? Flying private up and down (Mscheeeeew). What of Mr “I have repented from being a kidnapper” Evans? Houses in every major city and even in Ghana. Don’t get me started with the politicians who give “Thanks for coming” up to 500,000 thousand Naira to random girls for a good night.

To a lesser extent, the student telling lies through his teeth about school fees, who doesn’t want to use the extra cash to buy more books, na bruh, it’s for Faaji guys. What of your co-worker that’s in finance inflating invoices in cahoots with suppliers? Most likely to get a new car or some new luxury item.

So beloved, the solution is simple we have to hold a nationwide inter-denominational prayer session.

This Faaji Spirit has to go guys. It has to go!

Fire Fire Fire Fire!!



OTW (Archives): Can We Solve This Biafran Dilemma ?

So, for a long time now, since the agitation by firstly MASSOB and now IPOB, I haven’t been paying attention to the struggle by “certain”  Igbos for a Sovereign nation of Biafra. I actually saw them as lunatics, no joke. I mean, have they fought a war? know the implications of agitating for secession?

Nnamdi Kanu, however is a different kind of proposition all together,  a different kind of lunatic, very Shekau-esque. The way he inspires the people around him is frightening. He has now assumed the status of an ethnic spiritual leader with a direct line to an almighty “CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA“. Now, he has people bowing and kneeling in his presence and claims to hear directly from this “God“.


But this is not a post about Nnamdi Kanu however, no matter how much the man irks me. Probably more about the system that has necessitated someone like him. In case you have been under a rock, there is a clamor for a Biafra referendum which will enable Biafra secede from Nigeria. It is apparent that this agitation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I think that past regimes and governments thought otherwise about these “Biafran Pests”.

“They Will soon tire out”

Apparently not! The federal government has tried for years to play dumb and act like 1967 – 1970 didn’t happen and this attitude has emboldened so many people to think the Federal government has no care or regard for the struggle of the average Igbo man. Sadly, this attitude has created a monster a.k.a IPOB. Kudos to The Acting President for speaking intelligently, as always, at the Biafra at 50 commemorative event. But i think more should be done.

So. May 30th has been declared by IPOB  as a “Sit at home” day in remembrance of the fallen heroes during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war, Guess what? compliance has been 100% in many south- east states.

Nnamdi Kanu, you have my undivided attention.

OTW (Archives): #OtodoGbame – Beyond The Hashtags

Its such a Lagos thing to say “What is this #OtodoGbame hastag i have been seeing all over twitter” abeg?  This kind of tweet is usually accompanied with a hashtag. I do not think I’m the  most “woke” person in the world but I blame this lack of knowledge on Big Brother. While we were all immersed in Big Brother all this happened and now that the show is over we all have mind space to focus on Otodo Gbame. But no adequate backstory.

So invariably just like a lot of things Nigeria there is not much to draw conclusions on. Last time i checked i don’t know anybody who resides in the Otodo Gbame waterfront community nor am I a Lagosian . But I know this.. a well rounded perspective is invaluable.

So let me help out in some way, probably give a 360 degree perspective of the situation.

Florence Sotu had her house and belongings brought down to a rubble. She said she slept in a boat with two of her children.

Paul Kunnu said they have nowhere to go , He said this was where he was born , his father and also his Grandfather before him.

The LAGOSMT which is basically the Lagos State Government Monitoring Team feel this was done in the interest of Lagos State as a whole as Militants have been harbored in the community. They also posited that their security operatives were alleged to have been killed by these Militants. They maintain that the residents of this community are illegal occupants.

Twitter however, is crying out for the Justice of the poor people of Otodo Gbame, who are being oppressed by the high and mighty.

Now while i feel the intentions of the State Government Agency involved  is to secure the state. I sincerely feeling a lot of thinking did not go into the aftermath of the demolition and the forceful ejection of the residents. Even the methods were reminiscent of the Maroko 89 eviction.

So here is my stand ,If people like Paul Kunnu say they are legal occupants of this community please lets see some documents. Present them in court.

Sadly i feel we have a security crisis on our hands. Because we have over 4000 displayed and desperate residents of Otodo Gbame  in the Eti-Osa Local Government area.

What does this mean? Your guess is as good as mine.


Violence and Nigerians in the abroad

The question i ask myself is why are  Nigerians always the center of attacks . First, South Africa and now India. You start to wonder if Nigerians are the only African resident in these countries.

The average Nigerian is the most reviled person in Africa. You see so  many preconceived notions about Nigerians.I watched with disgust a video on twitter where a South African Pastor said that it was because of the size our penises and our penis enlargement Ads in South Africa that’s why their  South African women are gravitating towards Nigerian men.

That’s not entirely the reason but thank you for the compliment.

Granted, in most cases we are as flamboyant as peacocks , so we basically stick out like out sore thumbs. The average Nigerian who has the means  is ready to outspend any other person.Its this spending power that make South African brands in Nigeria like “Shoprite” and even “MTN” prosper. (Dont worry guys we will not retaliate).

But they also forget that the average Nigerian will out work any other African. We have the God given talent to hustle. I know this drive sometimes manifests itself negatively but the drive is there.So you see, Nigerians will always go to a country and progress.

This is why the average South African woman wants to date a Nigerian.So i understand where the hate is coming from.

We do need to be protected by our country a little bit more. The government needs to pass a message that every Nigerian soul in diaspora is priceless.

I doubt this will happen though. We wey dey Nigeria never dey protected talk less of una wey dey outside Leave story.

The bitter truth is that Y’all are own your own, that will not change sadly.