Nigeria and Charlottesville, Same Na Ni.

Gather round beloved. We have something important to discuss.

So I saw people commenting on the Charlottesville White Supremacists in demonstration in America with such disgust here and the irony of it all hit me like a wave.  Are we really that oblivious of the Ethnic polarization hugely evident here in Nigeria? Are we going to sit here and deny that Ethnic profiling is not a big deal in Nigeria?

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Respect The Jazz

There I was, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, chilling with some chilled glass of juice while feasting on peppered shrimps and fries; made by yours truly, when I got a notification from our very own OG. He had just posted an article he knew will pique my interest…a post relating to BLACK MAGIC; not the musician though! I just had to drop a short response. Gentleman, shall we? *strikes Elijah pose*

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In case your are unaware Ramadan is around the corner (well now, has started). For those who have no idea what Ramadan is, it’s the holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world. This is the month where forgiveness, mercy are the lowest hanging fruits of the tree (they always are anyway but even more so during Ramadan). It is the month where the gates of hell are shut and also, there is one special night every single prayer is answered! Of course these are the beliefs of Muslims around the world.

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