It’s a Friday evening. The winds are cool (thanks to the harmattan) and the night is dark but not full of terrors. I’ve been home all day and decide to check my Twitter feed, seeing as there’s always one drama or the other. So there I was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Just as I was about to give up hope, I saw a tweet that piqued my interest.

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Prostitutes/Oloshos/Runs Girls (A Case Study In Marketing)

It’s funny how this video just helped me buttress this post I’ve been preparing for y’all.

See ehn sometimes I wish I could walk around with a recorder because the conversations I have sometimes (Lol). So just take this journey with me as I give you this thesis I have been working on in 400 words or less. Continue reading “Prostitutes/Oloshos/Runs Girls (A Case Study In Marketing)”

Life Is A Constant Pursuit Of Orgasms…

The rains are back  after a welcome break in August and just clockwork  when it’s starts to rain everybody on social media is posting the words “weather for two” or “or I wish I was cuddling with someone in bed” etc etc.

Why do we always have to think about sex when it rains? Really though ? when there so much time we have to get a lot of things done?

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It’s Cool To Wait…

I’m going to make this as quick as possible! I hope it benefits at least one person.


Clearly in this day and age, virginity isn’t something that is looked at as cool especially, since you don’t have that many people who talk about being virgins in the lime light. You find these people mainly in religious settings, so you have to search harder.

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