What If Eve is Adam’s Punishment

I think I will start this with the argument and banter that the “What Are You Bringing to The Table?” topic brought about on Twitter. It started when the Greyroom channel; our attempt at recreating Backchat in our style, on YouTube asked a question in relation to whether society was fair towards men. Two of the “panelists” said it was and went on talking about how men don’t really do anything while the females go to work and still come home to deal with household duties and all the extras. The discussion then moved on to who the head of the family is, etc. Continue reading “What If Eve is Adam’s Punishment”


Felabration has begun in earnest and this week, Under The Mango Tree it’s all about the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The UTMT duo were joined by Iconic Artist Lemi Ghariokwu who incidentally designed most of the Album covers for Fela. He takes us down memory lane and chronicles his early years as a young artist working with Fela. Listen and share this podcast with your friends and don’t forget to rate us on ITunes!

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Colonial Mentality

This week B and OG discuss the apparent colonial mentality that seems to have taken over the Nigerian society. Ranging from how we shorten our names to suit western standards or even how people with certificates from foreign universities are treated better.Please listen, like, share and comment using #UTMTPodcast. Also, don’t forget to follow our social media pages @UTMTPodcast on Twitter and Instagram.

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