Forwarded As Received

Remember BBM? Remember how broadcasts messages seemed to be some sort of taboo on that redundant app? Well with Whatsapp it seems to be okay.

Here’s the kicker. It seems to have become the foremost form of information dissemination among a lot of Nigerians.  Sad thing is that there is no surefire way of sifting through the untruths  and people just post it regardless with the magic words “Forwarded As Received”  tucked right under the long epistle. It’s amazing how you can start some sort of propaganda or even start nationwide panic through these Broadcast messages.

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Don’t be Afraid To Share!

We have a culture of keeping certain things to ourselves because as OG said; the fear of the village people is the beginning of wisdom! However, we know that’s not really true, right? LOL 

You know how they say: a problem shared, is a problem half solved. I think the same principle applies with goals! Side bar- in both cases it goes without saying that the person or people you share with matter a lot! 

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