The Squad

A brief background to the formation of The Squad
This is not a story of ‘Boy meets Girl’. It’s a story of two individuals coming together to create a force like no other. Bringing about the birth of many superpowers…
The story has just begun…
Fun fact, you might know them from the podcast: Under The Mango Tree

Meet OGogbonna
Alpha Male, and all round super hero. 
Special powers include, verbal mastery and mind control.
On a mission to redefine the norm and challenge the status quo
Kryptonite: jollof rice and fried plantain  



for-websiteHere comes B
Cool as a cucumber, but don’t let the baby face fool you
Highly motivated and won’t be easily deterred 
Special power is the ability to mind fuck, beware of her
She has no kryptonite; she’s a woman 

Stay Alert, they’ve been let loose